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A Basic System

There are two ways a system can be installed in an attic horizontal or vertical this is an example of a horizontal. Just keep in mind that the major components of a system would still be the same. Gossett would prefer to install a new system vertical so that the home owner is able to have attic space available. Sometimes this is not possible depends on the space and design of the home.


Looking at buying filters?

The importance is the the MERV. What is MERV? This measures the filters effectiveness. MERV stands for the minimum efficiency reporting value. Most filters are labeled with a MERV rating number, which measures a filter's ability to trap particles ranging in size from 3 to 10 microns.

Freon Facts

Today there are two refrigerants in use for residential cooling: refrigerant 22 (R-22), which is freon 22, and refrigerant 410 (R-410), which is freon 410. R-22 has been is use for many years. R-22 is claimed to be destructive to the ozone layer. The government has mandated that in 2010, manufacturers will not be able to manufacture any more systems using R-22. In the year 2020, manufacturers will not be able to manufacture R-22.

Mold Advice

"Mold" has become a part of our lives. Out of approximately 10,000 different types of mold, probably 10-15 types can affect human beings in adverse ways. Even these 10-15 types have not been scientifically proven to cause health problems but we should all be aware. 

About SEER

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. Simply stated, this is the electrical efficiency of your air conditioning system. Today we have 14 SEER, 16 SEER and even up to 20 SEER systems on the market. The higher the SEER rating, the less electricity the system uses, and the lower the utility bill. As of January 2006, manufacturers will not be able to produce anything less than 13 SEER. Obviously, the higher the SEER rating, the more expensive the system costs up front.

Humidity Control

Here are some tips to keep the relative humidity levels inside your homes reasonable:

Trane designs their systems for the Houston climate.  They are the best for latent (humidity) removal in the entire industry! If your humidity is lower your house feels so much cooler and you save on your electric bill!

Give "Dirty Sock Syndrome" The Boot

Dirty sock syndrome refers to a condition in which the indoor coil in the air conditioning system/heat pump develops a musty smell similar to that put off by dirty socks that have been sitting in the bottom of a laundry pile for a week. The exact cause of this syndrome is unknown, but once the problem rears its ugly head (foot) it's almost impossible to get rid of it.

Extreme Heat Problems

Does your air conditioner seem that is not working like it use to? Does your system seem to run constantly all day long? Here is the reason! Be sure you have done the following:

TRANE 20XLI SEER Dual Stage Systems

One of the industry’s most efficient air conditioners, the XL20i AC unit is built to stand up to the elements and deliver reliable cooling, even on the hottest day of the year, and lowers your cooling costs at the same time.

These systems are incredible at removing humidity within the home! The air feels much colder while your saving big on your electric bills! Ask for details!
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