Heating System Checkup

New Gossett Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. a step above our competitors! Gossett believes in keeping customers informed/educated regarding the importance of having their heating systems inspected every year & professionally maintained to insure they get the most out of their systems.

 Remember, your heating /air conditioning system accounts for about 50% to 60% of your total utility bill. If you have two systems in your home, then each system accounts for about 25% to 30% of your total electricity cost.
Type of Furnace ________

Apprx. Efficiency ________

1. Inspect Thermostat, cleanout, wiring, and connections where applicable.

2. Inspect return air for leaks and cleanliness. We will change media filter & air filters for an extra charge (if applicable).

3. Light Pilot-check flame and adjust flame if necessary. 

4. Check and clean flame sensor rod where applicable.

5. Check condition of hot surface igniter.

6. Check electrical block, wiring, fuses, circuits, connectors, control board, and tighten where necessary.

7. Check blower motor for bearing play.

8. Check wheel for cleanliness and vibration.

9. Check induced draft motor operation.

10. Check and lubricate all moving parts where necessary.

11. Check for adequate combustion air, and for good clearance of all combustibles.

12. Check system for gas leaks.

13. Check gas piping, flex connector, and stop valve to meet code.

14. Check heat exchanger for cracks, damage, and corrosion where accessible.

15. Check condition of burners remove and clean where necessary,. Check for soot build up and burner flame. Adjust for blue flames.

16. Check operation of fan and limit control where applicable.

17. Check operation of high temperature safety limit controls.

18. Check for flame rollout or delayed ignition or unsafe condition.

19. Turn System off check to see that gas control shuts off completely.

20. Visual inspection of all readily accessible ductwork for leaks and condition.

21. Check furnace flue vent to ensure passes safety and state code requirements.

A) Double wall vent pipe.

B) Proper roof jack through roof.

C) 1" clearance entire length.

D) No sagging joints or leaks

22. Recommend access door

23. Recommend evaporator coil cleaning (service available during cooler months)

24. Recommend adding return air

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