A/C Check Up

A/C Check Up with Gossett

Did you know? Seventy percent of HVAC systems do not have the correct air flow - which impacts energy efficiency (according to the Environmental Protection Agency).

Remember, you're air conditioning system accounts for only 50% to 60% of your total utility bill. If you have two systems in your home, then each system accounts for only 25% to 30% of your total electricity cost.

Almost 74 percent of HVAC systems have an improper amount of refrigerant - which can impact performance by up to 15 percent - resulting in higher energy costs, reduced reliability and faster wear and tear because systems do not operate at maximum efficiency.

You might know that a film of dirt only 0.01 thick on an evaporator coil can rob a system of 5% of its capacity! You might know that a dirty condenser coil can gobble up an additional 20% of energy, and that 80% of all compressor failures could be avoided if the unit had proper and regular maintenance. You might know that a system's capacity drops 3% a year in properly maintained equipment (due to internal wear and tear on the compressor's working surfaces), and 10% a year in badly maintained units. They used an example of 2-3 tons systems that were install at the same time in the exact same weather conditions by the same contractor. One system had regular maintenance twice a year and the other had no maintenance from the time they were installed. The one with no maintenance had to have a condenser fan motor installed in the fourth summer. What happens after ten years? The maintained system will have clean coils and filters, so no loss of efficiency there. It will, however undergo wear and tear, so will drop in capacity 3% a year. This means at the end of the second year, the 3 ton unit will be pumping out 36,000x 0.97 or 34,920 BTUH. At the end of the second year, it will have a capacity of 34,920 x 0.97 or 33,872 BTUH, and so on until the tenth year when it be at about 27,400 BTUH, a loss of slightly less than a ton. But the non-maintained unit will have dirty coils and filters and lose capacity at a faster rate. The bottom line is that the second unit will probably cost about 50% ore to operate than it maintained sister and a much higher chance of a compressor failure in the near future. If the maintained unit cost $800 a year to run, the neglected sister system cost is about $1350 a year to run, $550 more. This information shared on this line is from Research done by Louisiana State University & Gulf States Power Backs this claim up! 
If your system is just 10% undercharged you will use 22% more energy! Very important to have you air conditioning system professionally inspected!
For Your Convenience Gossett Will Change Your Filters at a Reasonable Price!

Remember to give Gossett the size of your filters when scheduling your A/C inspected.
Ask to be put on our calendar for your check ups we will call to remind you and get on the schedule! One less item you have to remember!

Gossett tries to make it convenient as possible for their customers.
1. Gossett inspects the condenser coil & lightly cleans with water where necessary.

2. Check and lubricate condenser fan motor and bearings where applicable, make sure nothing is obstructing the air flow of condenser (they will inform you if they find any issues)

3. Check compressor operation, check all electrical connections, check & clean contacts if needed

4. Check pressure R-22 or R-410 (there is an extra charge for refrigerant)

5. Inspect & clean thermostat, install new digital-programmable or non-programmable thermostat if customer would like and if available (additional cost)

6. Inspect filters and make sure they are installed properly & being changed as needed (we will install new filters if customer prefers/additional charge)

7. Check main condensation pan for rust & leaks

8. Check auxiliary condensation pan for rust & leaks

9. Check & clean main drain lines. Inspect for improper design and will add a clean out port for additional charge (add bleach)

10. Check and clean auxiliary drain lines

11. Inspect evaporator coil (if accessible without dismantling) "to chemically clean ($350.00 to $650.00) This is situational and needs to be discussed with your technician

12. Inspect & tighten all electrical connections, contacts, and relays

13. Inspect all accessible duct work for condition

14. Humidity reading at time of inspection.

15. Check refrigerant line for rubbing

16. Check condition of return air, for sufficient size check for dirt

****Check all accessible duct work for leaks/ Sealing of leaks is an additional charge. Ask your technician.
***Inspect for sufficient size, and proper sealing of chase/duct work. We will seal return air chase and/or duct work for an additional charge. Ask your technician.

Gossett’s master technicians will make recommendations on how to improve running your system based on many years of experience.

Inquire with the office for cost of servicing & inspecting each of your systems.
Gossett’s Maintenance Agreement

Don’t be fooled by maintenance contracts that want your money upfront for a full year in advance before the work is done. Gossett Air Conditioning’s maintenance agreement is absolutely FREE! Simply give us your name, address, and phone number we will then enroll your home in our program. We will then call you every spring for your AC check up and every fall for your heat check up. There is NO upfront cost and we never send you under qualified technicians, and we never send a salesman, like a lot of companies. We will always do our best! Our technicians are not there to TRY to find something wrong with your system to make money we are here to ensure you get the most out of your system and that is running at maximum efficiency. Call our office today at 281.353.9595 to be enrolled or you can email us at michele@gossettair.com or go to become and member!

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